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My new website is up and running thanks to www.tattooresponsive.com. Check it out and come by Studio Evolve Tattoo to book an appointment.


Hailing from Currituck, NC I have nothing but love and respect for tattooing and true artwork. Having a love for music and art, I’ve been a drummer and artist for most of my life and respect anybody who pushes tattooing, art, and music to new limits while keeping quality in the forefront. My art is heavily influenced from Sci-Fi and horror movies. I am looking forward to working with people who respect honesty and enjoy sharing ideas to help me create the best tattoos I possibly can. I enjoy tattooing realistic black and grey but also enjoy the challenge of creating tattoos in color. The thing I love the most about this business is sharing a smile with a client knowing the tattoo I have produced will be something they will enjoy for a life time. I have been tattooing now for a couple of years and look forward to one day creating art that too will push the boundaries of modern tattooing.


15977401_1518144791547617_5058570491369218408_n 6886_1223788574316575_933781454642590354_n 13419227_1298596380169127_7208672440200267179_n 14291747_1372868926075205_5203081721678928682_n 970608_1182203948475038_8682214720917496058_n 15036534_1440067822688648_4566093516530910849_n 14525136_1400069996688431_5593220120795508163_o 13007318_1256663761029056_6873990572997345644_n 14257549_1376714819023949_7514976719543772801_o 13516598_1305700816125350_9213160129208560037_n 12809621_1227126257316140_8505936934714024590_n 13394059_1296807010348064_6896473326899648511_n 14479663_1396682280360536_3521351085385841251_n 13607003_1317070428321722_4973991091974419818_n 14322523_1382215981807166_6798844207961387591_n 11885244_1109983652363735_2428090817921076197_n 12376400_1189684421060324_6742585031515041529_n 12472294_1245774442117988_4839814975389945486_n 12508935_1187864501242316_8983361085338713094_n 12974301_1255972157764883_882484951814218517_n 13000324_1258051957556903_1998345047521408704_n 13267933_1286614024700696_8653596484135353422_n 13335974_1292982727397159_3878361346981882307_n 13419247_1297556976939734_6136900144229422821_n 13434708_1297824043579694_4143292157126458108_n 13669004_1334510836577681_4860131616778875584_n 13686595_1333686826660082_1290271637677275092_n 13718812_1328108823884549_8930490480448326142_n 13901481_1336055966423168_1685465686193668696_n 14039888_1355955024433262_6802292378236810370_n 14055178_1354552934573471_4642645588986418467_n 14212215_1375943932434371_7196099002533868035_n 14364862_1381279508567480_6309423443705813578_n 14440902_1395671957128235_499599653405390726_n 15068350_1439180279444069_6168217566873333531_o 15252713_1462552720440158_5394041226699143341_o 15492044_1482753951753368_4468930947891784075_n 15826096_1511479508880812_1680033410984387266_n


bngmermaide butterflybackpiece crowwoemen2436 gansterbackpiece lanternbackpiece2436 lionbackpieceupforgrabs2436 littleredriddinghoodbackpiece mermaidtransfor trasparentbackpiece Soft Pastel (owl) Charcoal Charcoal Charcoal of Jack Nicholson as the Joker from Batman Charcoal of Darth Vader Charcoal Charcoal of Glenn from walkingdead Charcoal Alfred Hitchcock Bic pin Predator Charcoal Charcoal of Daryle Dixon from the walking dead Colored pencil Charcoal Scarface Charcoal Judy Garland Oil Painting of Noomi Rapace from the movie Prometheus Charcoal Oil Painting eye from Event Horizon Colored pencil Sigourney Weaver Charcoal Charcoal Bane Oil Painting John deer combine turn signal Charcoal Aleister Crowley
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